The Section

A section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), Communication Law & Policy (CLP) aims to provide a forum for the debate and analysis of past and current policy directions in the field of media and communication. The field should be interpreted broadly to include political, social, cultural, anthropological and economic questions.

ECREA-CLP Section Management Team

For the period 2016-2018, the management team of the ECREA-CLP Section has been elected at ECREA’s European Communication Conference in Prague in November 2016:

The representative of YECREA (ECREA’s Young Scholars Network) for our section currently is Nikola Belakova (LSE, UK).

Section Aims

The aims of ECREA-CLP are…

  1. to offer a networking platform for policy research in the European academic area and provide visibility for European research, regardless of the object and national context of law and policy studied.
  2. to provide a dedicated space for the study and analysis of European, in its broader sense, and EU communication and media policy.
  3. to actively provide an informed opinion as to matters of European communication and media policy, through its input in public consultations and other appropriate fora. The section will establish a working group towards this goal.
  4. to provide a forum for the debate and analysis of European Communications Education and Research Policy; it will establish a dedicated working group for this reason which will advise the ECREA Board on its positions related to the issues of European Education and Training and Research policies. The working group is open to non-CLP members but it will act under the auspices of CLP.
  5. to liaise between European institutions and the ECREA Board, as and when deemed appropriate by the Board.
  6. to liaise with the community of practitioners, policy-makers and academics.

Basic Documents

Yearly Reports