The proceedings of ECREA-CLP workshops are regularly published as books or special issues of relevant journals.

Recent Publications

Following the ECREA-CLP workshop in Helsinki, Minna Horowitz Aslama edited a special issue of the open access “Journal of Information Policy” on the topic of “Communication Rights in the Digital Age”. Containing eight papers that were presented at the workshop, the special issue was published in 2020. The papers are available online for free.

Horowitz Aslama, Minna (Ed.) (2020). Communication Rights in the Digital Age [Special Issue]. Journal of Information Policy, 10.


The edited volume “European Media Policy for the Twenty-First Century: Assessing the Past, Setting Agendas for the Future” with contributions from the ECREA-CLP workshop in Salford was published in 2016. Media policy issues sit at the heart of the structure and functioning of media systems in Europe and beyond. This book brings together the work of a range of leading media policy scholars to provide inroads to a better understanding of how effective media policies can be developed to ensure a healthy communication sector that contributes to the wellbeing of individual citizens, as well as a more democratic society. Faced with a general atmosphere of disillusionment in the European project, one of the core questions tackled by the volume’s contributors is: what scope is there for European media policy that can exist beyond the national level? Uniquely, the volume’s chapters are structured around four key policy themes: media convergence; the continued role and position of public regulatory intervention in media policy; policy issues arising from the development of new electronic communication network environments; and lessons for European media policy from cases beyond the EU. In its chapters, the volume provides enriched understandings of the role and significance of policy actors, institutions, structures, instruments and processes in communication and media policy.

Simpson, Seamus/Puppis, Manuel/Van den Bulck, Hilde (Eds.) (2016): European Media Policy for the Twenty-First Century. Assessing the Past, Setting Agendas for the Future. New York/London: Routledge. ISBN: 978-1-13-885650-9

Following the ECREA-CLP workshop in Salford, Seamus Simpson edited a special issue of the open access “Journal of Information Policy” on “Contemporary Issues in European Media Policy”. The special issue features six papers presented at the Salford workshop. The articles are available for free on the journal’s website.

Simpson, Seamus (Ed.) (2014). Contemporary Issues in European Media Policy [Special Issue]. Journal of Information Policy, 4.


“Communication and Media Policy in the Era of the Internet”, containing papers from our Munich workshop, was published in fall 2013. The contributions approach communication and media policy in the era of the Internet from two perspectives: Theories and processes. Special attention is given, on the one hand, to the question of how communication policy-making is transformed due to technical evolution which is intertwined with social and economic developments. On the other hand, this book considers how these transformations can be studied and what insights are produced by distinct theoretical approaches.

Löblich, Maria/Pfaff-Rüdiger, Senta (Eds.) (2013): Communication and Media Policy in the Era of the Internet. Theories and Processes (Schriften des Münchner Centrums für Governance-Forschung, Vol. 9). Baden-Baden: Nomos. ISBN: 978-3-8329-7842-6


The book “Trends in Communication Policy Research” resulting from the Zurich workshop was published in spring 2012 in the ECREA Book Series. It aims to foster such a discussion by offering an overview of and insights into current and future areas of inquiry in this contested policy field. It is argued that scholars need to apply theories that have previously not been considered, to scrutinize research methods more thoroughly and to keep an open mind regarding new research subjects. It is discusses how to approach communication policy issues theoretically and methodologically and which policy challenges are emerging that require scholarly attention. The book is thus divided into three parts: new theories, new methods and new subjects.

Just, Natascha/Puppis, Manuel (Eds.) (2012): Trends in Communication Policy Research. New Theories, Methods & Subjects. (ECREA Book Series, Vol. 7). Bristol/Chicago: Intellect. ISBN (Hardback): 978-1-84150-4674 / ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-84150-6746

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